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DJ Santy Entertainment specializes in weddings. We have serviced many types of wedding celebrations. Weddings are our passion and we put all our heart to make it as memorable as possible.

Huge Music Library

Our collection is over 500,000 songs, and will continue to be updated, to ensure the best quality DJ service. We receive the latest hits in the market.

Registered, Licensed, Insured

We are a Proud Member of the CDJA “The Canadian Disc Jockey Association”. We are licensed by AVLA “Audio-Video Licensed Agency Inc” and insured by Aviva Insurance Company of Canada.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our clients are 100% satisfied with our services. Give us the opportunity to make your event an unforgettable success!

Wall up-lighting

Add elegant and eye-pleasing uplighting to your room or event center. Up Lighting that is shown up walls, columns or spotted onto a specific area will bring a beautiful and stimulating feel to your event – all to make it better!

Even place them outside and shine them up trees or into bushes and shrubbery.

Choose from 64 different colors to beautifully match your style, theme or the desired feel you’re looking to achieve. Uplighting can be placed on the floor to shine up columns, up walls or behind trees and other props to give that extra appeal. They can also be clamped onto railings, trusses or onto tree’s for outdoor applications.

toronto wedding dj
toronto wedding dj

Personal Monogram

A custom monogram’s official title is a Gobo, a Gobo is a custom made glass or metal plate that goes Between Optics (GOBO) in a powerful spotlight projector. The monograms usually consist of names, initials, dates, image or message of your personal choosing.

DJ Santy liaises with each client attaining the exact designs that the bride and groom desires. This allows us to generate a specification which will create the ambiance of our clients envisions. Our graphical artist will design a proof (unless the Bride and Groom wishes to design the gobo themselves) and send the finished artwork to the client for their approval.

Once both parties are satisfied with the final artwork. DJ Santy uses an external company who specializes in the manufacture of precision laser cut gobo, which is the optics needed to produce your chosen monogram.

Dry ice

Want to know what it feels like to dance on a cloud?

Make your special moment a spectacle with our low laying fog effect. Dry ice will amaze your crowd and make your photos look beautiful.

True Dry ice stays low to the ground. This effect cannot be duplicated.

toronto wedding dj
toronto wedding dj

Sparkular Indoors fireworks

Visualize yourself and your beloved in the middle of the dancefloor dancing your wedding 1st dance as husband and wife while being surrounded with fireworks illuminating the dancefloor.

The Sparkular is a safe, smokeless, and cold-sparkler fountain effect that can be used indoors and outdoors for all occasions.

Live Entertainment

Our entertainment consists of the elegant melody of the violin, the Afro-Cuban rhythm of the bongos, the vibrant sounds of the live band, and professional dancers that are sure to heat up the dance floor.

toronto wedding dj

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